Pen Holders

Artemis organiser

Artemis organiser - Natural
The perfect desk accessory to store your writing and stationery items. Includes 25 large yellow sheets and 50 sheets per small brightly colored sticky note.

Shine 4-in-1 USB desk hub

Shine 4-in-1 USB desk hub
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A 4 port USB 2.0 hub which doubles up as a desk tidy for your pens, scissors and desk accessories. The hub has an integrated cable. To light up the hub, connect it to a power source and press the button. Slide on the bottom is to hold different sizes of phones. Compatible with any USB device. O10 light-up pencil box charger O10 light-up pencil box charger
Pencil storage box with two USB 1.0 A outputs (no data transfer). When the pencil box is connected to the power, the LED logo lights up. Delivered with a micro USB charging cable and a gift box with magnetic closure, made out of recycled paper.
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