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Mindy 8-piece pencil case set

Mindy 8-piece pencil case set - White
PVC pencil case with 2 ballpoint pens (1 with black ink, the other with blue), 2 pencils, a ruler, a sharpener and an eraser.

Julia 9-piece school geometry set

Julia 9-piece school geometry set - Transparent Clear
9-piece school geometry set in box featuring a compass, eraser, sharpener, pencil, mechanical pencil, 10 mines (0.5), a ruler, a set square and a protractor.

Reflective magnet strip

Reflective magnet strip - White
The reflective magnet is a personal safety device. Ideally, the magnet should be placed on the edge of your clothing or anywhere else visibility is needed and also as low as possible, as this is where cars’ headlamps will hit first. Store in clean, dry conditions. Do not store in places subject to direct sunlight. Custom shapes can also be arranged. More than 100 designs available. Printing below the film gives you a reflective surface with an efficiency factor of 100%. Declaration of conformity is available upon request.
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